Summer Theatre Academy

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Egg Summer Theatre Academy

June 19 - August 4, 2017

Apply Online by April 1, 2017

A seven-week program designed to transform a small group of dedicated high school students into artists and advocates. Egg's unique approach to theatre education begins with the premise that empowering a teen with entrepreneurial leadership skills and a passion for the performing arts will have a transformative impact on their entire community. The program is operated by Isinglass, a non-profit arts innovation and support organization, in partnership with Artists Repertory Theatre.

Each summer, a group of professional theatre artists from the most prominent theatre companies in Portland come together at Artists Repertory Theatre. There, they guide up to twelve high school students through a rigorous and intense immersion in the world of producing theatre. The goal is to develop skills and awaken new ideas which they can take back to their schools and use to create new artistic opportunities with, and for, their peers.

The program runs from June 19 to August 4 over seven weeks, with classes eight hours a day, five days a week, featuring hands-on expert instruction on the artistic, administrative and leadership skills required to be a producer of and advocate for theatre. Students study directing, design, stage management, theatrical history and theory, as well as all the inner workings of professional theatre companies, from marketing to budgeting and resource management.

Learn by doing.

The summer features 11 productions, independently produced by the students with a cast of young professional performers. For each, students assume all the roles of a production team, utilizing the skills they’ve learned in every area of the theatrical process, including marketing and budgeting.

The Egg experience culminates with a project or program conceived by each student which they will complete in their own school the following academic year, drawing on what they've learned to enrich their entire community.

Admissions based on talent and drive, not ability to pay.

We are committed to improving the presence of performing arts in all schools in the Portland metro area, especially where there is little to no programming. In order to ensure access to all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, Egg tuition is charged on a sliding scale based on a family's ability to pay. Each year more than 80% of students receive some reduction, with more than 20% attending for free. We are able to provide this tuition relief thanks to the generosity of our donors and partnering organizations. All admissions decisions are made without access to any student financial information, ensuring the best candidates attend regardless of ability to pay.


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