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Flourish: Portland Revels Spring Fundraiser
May 6 @ 10am

Mark your calendar for our annual spring breakfast fundraiser. Help Portland Revels Flourish for many years to come. Your generosity is the essential joy that brings the Revels vision to life. Without your donations, we could not create the family friendly, participatory, joyful year-round events that build the Portland Revels community.

Profile Theatre: In Dialogue Staged Readings
May 8 & 9

In Dialogue Staged Readings include new and contemporary plays in conversation with Quiara Alegría Hudes body of work, as well as readings of Hudes plays not included in our Main Stage season. Please check back for more information!

Late Night Piano Bar
May 13 - Morrison Lobby @ 10pm

It is karaoke with Mont Chris Hubbard as your live accompanist! This is songs around a campfire-except instead of smoke and s'mores, you have snacks and craft beers on tap. It is a not-too-quiet, not-too-loud, not-too-crazy, not-too-sane destination for the end of your night.

Science on Tap presents: The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Love
May 22 - Alder Stage @ 7pm

Is the brain chemistry behind our love for chocolate equivalent to that which drives infatuation with a new lover, the love of a particular song, or addiction? How does the brain sort out pleasure and discomfort? What drives our decisions to stay with one person for life or go from one lover to another, never settling down? At this Science on Tap, Dr. Larry Sherman, neuroscientist at OHSU, will focus on these and other questions that reveal much about how neurochemical changes can have major effects on our behaviors—how we love, what we love, and who we love.
Tickets: $8 advance/$10 door

Geezer Gallery Exhibition Reception
May 22-24 @ 6pm

Please check back for more information!

Portland Sings Concert
May 23

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