Husband/Wife Primatolgists to speak at TREVOR post-show Sep 18


Our post-show discussion on September 18, following the 2pm matinee, will be with Asaba and Kimberly Mukobi whose life-work has been with chimps. After meeting at Isinga Island sanctuary in Uganda some 20 years ago, they went on to work with chimps in different capacities. Asaba working with primates in zoos and Kimberly in chimp cognitive research. They will share their experiences and answer questions.

Asaba has been the Senior Keeper of Primates at The Oregon Zoo since 2003. He was previously at the Columbus Zoo, as well as the Isinga Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda. His work with chimps spans 21 years. The cast of TREVOR had the chance to witness Asaba do the public chimp feeding during their recent zoo visit.

Kimberly has studied chimpanzees since the early 90’s in both cognitive and sign language research facilities, including the Chimpanzee Human Communication Institute at Central Washington University and the Chimpanzee Cognition Center at The Ohio State University. She also worked at the Isinga Island sanctuary in Uganda. She is now teaching grant writing at PSU and writing grants to support animal welfare causes.