Luan Schooler

Director of New Play Development & Dramaturgy. Luan joins Artists Rep with extensive background as dramaturg, literary manager, writer, and actor, along with administrative experience in marketing and development. Luan honed her skills as a company member of Perseverance Theatre in Alaska, working with then-artistic director Molly Smith on new plays and devised works with wide ranging artists including Paula Vogel, John Murrell, John Luther Adams and Darrah Cloud. She also conducted annual company audition tours to towns and remote villages throughout Alaska (where she enjoyed one of the most thrilling theatre experiences ever, a production of The Unsinkable Molly Brown by the community theatre in Nome). After leaving Alaska, Schooler became the Literary Manager/Dramaturg for Berkeley Rep. During seven years there, she worked with many luminary writers, including David Edgar, Naomi Iizuka, Salman Rushdie, Dominique Serrand, Rinde Eckert, Lillian Groag, Bridget Carpenter, Adam Rapp, and Robert Fagles, and astute directors Tony Taccone, Mark Wing-Davey, Stephen Wadsworth, and Lisa Peterson, among others. She has also worked on several devised pieces at Denver Center with artistic team Pavel Dobrusky and Per-Olav Sørensen, and worked as dramaturg at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, California Shakespeare Festival, A Traveling Jewish Theatre, And Shaking the Tree Theatre. Schooler took a several year hiatus from theatre to explore the dramaturgy of artisanal cheese, opening a small cheese shop, Foster & Dobbs, in Portland with her husband. Delicious though that experience was, the hunger for stories of greater complexity and variety prevailed and she returned to Alaska in 2011 to adapt her brother's memoir The Blue Bear with Leon Ingulsrud (co-founder and co-artistic director, SITI Company) for Perseverance Theatre. She is currently working with Ingulsrud and filmmaker Andrew McLean on a new project for Perseverance about polar explorer Roald Amundsen.

Posts by Luan Schooler:

Fresh Eyes on The Skin of Our Teeth: 2nd Installment

On Tuesday, April 26th, three of our Fresh Eyes crew joined us, along with about sixty other Guild members, theatre supporters and staff, for presentations from designers about how they...

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Fresh Eyes on The Skin of Our Teeth: 1st Installment

Rehearsals for The Skin of Our Teeth began this week for the five actors who make up the Antrobus household; the rest of the cast will join us next week...

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Fresh Eyes on We Are Proud, 5th Installment

We had Fresh Eyes on the first preview of We Are Proud... Along with a nearly full house of people, Roberta, Kate and Lesli met this funny, surprising, wrenching play...

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Fresh Eyes on We Are Proud, 4th Installment

Fresh Eyes observers Lesli Mones and Roberta Hunte sat in on a rehearsal this past Sunday to see a run through.

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Fresh Eyes on We Are Proud, 3rd Installment

Kate Duffly joined us again on Tuesday, February 16th. Here are her observations:

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Fresh Eyes: Fresh Eyes on We Are Proud, 2nd Installment

This week, Lesli Mones and Roberta Hunt joined us as Fresh Eyes in rehearsal for We Are Proud… Roberta has a PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies, and is an...

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Fresh Eyes on We Are Proud to Present...

Rehearsals just began for our upcoming production of We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known As South West Africa, From the German Südwestafrika,...

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Oregon Play Prize Update

We are very happy to announce that there are 131 submissions to consider for the Oregon Play Prize.

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Climate Change Theatre Action at Artists Rep

Around the world this fall, on the occasion of the Paris climate talks, actors, directors, and playwrights are gathering on the boards to support climate activism in the best way...

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Fresh Eyes: Fresh Eyes on The Understudy, 4th Installment

Fresh Eyes checked in on The Understudy at the first preview performance this week – their last time as a group.

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