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The hats of EARNEST ...

May 27, 2017


"There are nine hats being used in the show. The four hats worn by Gwendolyn (Kailey Rhodes) and Lady Bracknell (Linda Alper) were designed specifically to coordinate with their costumes. The costumes are designed from period research and are intended to reflect this notion of status and class Wilde so adeptly makes fun of. I designed the hats based on period research - to get a sense of shape, texture, and materials used. Unlike hats today, these period hats are meant to perch on the head, so they are light weight. As part of a grant Artists Rep received this season to collaborate with the maker community, I worked with milliner ElizaBeth Rohloff to come up with the exact look we were after. I shared all of my research and renderings, we met to discuss shapes and materials, and she did all of the creative genius. It was a real joy to collaborate with another artist on this project. The actors love their hats. They wear them so well and when you see the show, the hats add the richness of character that is so important to this 1890s period."

- Artists Rep Resident Artist Bobby Brewer-Wallin

Read more about Bobby Brewer-Wallin and his work here.


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