First Playwright and Play Selected!

trs yussef el guindi

Owen Carey

Pleased as punch, that’s what we are: Pleased as punch to announce that the first playwright in Table|Room|Stage will be Yussef El Guindi, with his new play The Talented Ones.

We’re excited Yussef will inaugurate our new play development program for many reasons, the first being that he is a world-class writer and sets a high bar for us to meet. (So he’s good!) His work explores the complexities of immigrant lives, often focusing on the particular situation of Muslim-Americans – terrain that is urgently in need of intelligent, humane examination away from the clatter and snark of the 24-hour news cycle. (So he’s smart!) Plus his plays are funny, gnarly, surprising, theatrical events. (So he’s fun!) And the Pacific Northwest is his home, so bonus points for that as well.

The Talented Ones is a dark comedy that looks at the way younger generation immigrants feel an extraordinary pressure to succeed lest their parents’ sacrifices be all for naught, and how that pressure might not always be very helpful. In the play, the troubles in Cindy and Omar’s marriage come to a head one night when some very bad choices are made. We invite you to follow along as we develop The Talented Ones over the coming year.

The first project of any new program carries extra meaning – it establishes and declares the DNA of what is to come. Yussef and his writing embody all that we find interesting and thrilling about new plays, and we are very happy to have him at our Table.

Truly, we couldn’t be more pleased.