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With musical offerings curated by accomplished musical theatre performer and Artists Rep Resident Artist Susannah Mars, we feature a variety of concerts inspired by the plays of the season, or other well-matched musical engagements. By integrating music programming into the magic of Artists Rep’s emerging ArtsHub, we hope to welcome music-loving newcomers and further engage our current patrons.

From one-night concerts from Portland Sings! and more, to the BelloVoci holiday series of concerts, to the Late Night Piano Bar, to musical events yet to be confirmed, join us this year to enjoy another artistic genre right here at Artists Rep.

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Organic Nation Listening Club returns with Jazz and World Music composer David Ornette Cherry producing COMIN' AND GOIN', a special evening of music performance that integrates music with storytelling about Portland's late, great, Native American musician Jim Pepper. David will takes the audience into a deep listening space of images and emotional landscapes. The musicians on stage will also share stories about their interactions with Pepper, who spent a large part of his life in Portland. Humor, warmth and political awareness from these “multi-kulti” origins is integrated into a uplifting evening of jazz performance. This is the third Organic Nation Listening Club series at Artist Repertory Theatre and received a RACC grant to produce this show about a legend with some of Portland's finest musical talents.

This year's Organic Nation Listening Club will include this host of influential Portland musicians led by David Ornette Cherry: 

Renato Caranto (reeds/storytelling) out front with his smoldering tenor saxophone, is the man with more soul in his little finger than most of us have in our whole bodies. 

David Ornette Cherry (keys/spirit flute/melodica/dousn’ gounni/storytelling) son of jazz great Don Cherry, he is a composer and improviser with an eclectic background.

Chet Clark (storytelling) born in 1939, he is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation who is widely known for his involvement with Native American contemporary music and activism.

Carlton Jackson (drums/soundscape/storytelling) with drumming as being “intensely musical." 

John Mazzocco (bass/storytelling) who has played music  since dinosaurs ruled the world.

LaRhonda Steele (vocals/storytelling) whose journey has brought her to Portland and beyond culminating into an powerful legacy of musical experiences.

Norman Sylvester (guitar/vocals/storytelling) whose mission, as one of the area’s elder Bluesmen, is to share the history of American Music, how culture has influenced its journey and with the belief that "music heals the soul," uses his talent to do just that whenever he can. 

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