Tamera Lyn

Southwest Atlanta native, T. Lyn is setting her sights on the boundless world of creative art as a young black woman and leaving a mark in the vast city of Portland, OR. Graduate from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance, she has continued to propel toward an abundant horizon as an creative artist. Since moving to the PNW, Tamera has worked on How I Learned What I Learnedpen/man/shipThe Language Archive, and A Christmas Carol as an Assistant Director. She has played Josephine in Ruined, Professor Cadell in Rope, and stage managed The Every 28 Hours PlaysCaught will be her first production working with Artist Rep, and she plans for more to come after. T. Lyn is producing her own work with Sunflower Creations; a self made video production vessel , producing Close Your Eyes,​​ The Lost Weight, TAPT Out, and more on her YouTube channel 'Tamera Lyn'. She strives to connect her worlds of theatre and film production while she creates. Tamera Lyn leads with a Humble Beginning. Humble Life. Humble Spirit.