Nelda Reyes

Creature Voices/Assistant Director

Nelda is the voice artist behind the creature voices in FEATHERS AND TEETH and the Assistant Director of the production.

Nelda Reyes,a native of Mexico City, has studied with the Moscow Art Theatre School Institute of Harvard University, as well as with MaestroLuis de Tavira and Teatro Línea deSombra, and the University of Guadalajara Theatre Company. In Portland, her directing credits at Miracle Theatre include CONTIGO PAN Y CEBOLLA(2016), OPCIÓN MÚLTIPLE (2015), JARDÍN DE SUEÑOS (2012), LOS VENDIDOS (2009)and stage readings of MADE IN LANUS, LA CONSPIRACIÓN VENDIDAand at Boom Arts, THE CAPTIVE (2017). She has recently acted with Northwest Children’s Theater (THE TALE OF THE SLEEPING BEAUTY, THE SUN SERPENT), Profile Theatre (SAM SHEPARD´S FESTIVAL OF ONE ACTS), Miracle Theatre (ENTRE VILLA Y UNA MUJER DESNUDA, DANCE FOR A DOLLAR, ROSALBA Y LOS LLAVEROS),Shaking the Tree (MEMORY WATER) and The Circus Project (INDULGE). Nelda is a performer and co-creator of Leyendas de Mexico- Legends of Mexico, an educational touring programbased on pre-Columbian tales, and she is a founding memberof Nuestro Canto, a group dedicated to the preservation ofMexican art and culture through education. Nelda received her Master’s Degree in Theatre from Portland State University.