ArtsHub 03

ART's Resource Sharing and Community-Building Initiative supporting Portland theatre makers, arts and education nonprofits, and community groups.

The mission of the ArtsHub is to create a cultural center by supporting Portland’s rich artistic ecosystem.  Programs and services include below market rates for rehearsal, performance, and meeting space; shared administrative work space for individuals and organizations; and production services such as set construction, scenic painting, and professional technical support from design through performance. Our goal is to help a diverse range of arts and community organizations thrive. We prioritize artists and organizations that support ART’s values of equity, diversity and inclusion, and seek to provide a home for artists and audiences to take creative risks. While the program’s origin six years ago was in response to an opportunity to share underutilized performance space, we have found that the most vital and lasting impact of the ArtsHub is the bustling community that has been formed, and the myriad ways it has led to the empowerment of local artists and the accelerated growth of participating organizations. On any given day, staff members and dozens of artists from multiple arts and community organizations are rehearsing, utilizing administrative support and meeting spaces, with chance encounters in shared spaces leading to increased communication and unanticipated future collaboration collaborations between organizations. In the 2018/19 Season alone, over 1,500 events were held in our building by 42 local nonprofits, including 11 resident companies 380 ARTsHub public events, 462 rehearsals, 422 classes and 306 ART events. Our new facility is being designed so that the ArtsHub can include even more organizations than it currently serves.


In the City of Portland’s 2018 report on affordable arts space in Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioner Nick Fish, and Commissioner Chloe Eudaly stated:

“Creative organizations, as well as people who practice their crafts here, are increasingly being priced out of the Portland market. The need for affordable performance space, rehearsal space...and office space must be addressed by the City of Portland, the Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC), and the greater arts community...Portland’s reputation as a creative hub is not inevitable. If we aren’t intentional in our actions, we risk losing the soul of our city."



  1. Actor's Nightmare Podcast, The
  2. August Wilson Red Door Project
  3. Boom Arts
  4. Hand2Mouth
  5. Portland Actors Conservatory
  6. Portland Area Theatre Alliance
  7. Portland Revels
  8. Portland Shakespeare Project
  9. Profile Theatre
  10. Staged!
  11. LineStorm Playwrights
  12. Risk/Reward 



  1. Actor’s Equity Association (AEA)
  2. American Musical and Dramatic Academy
  3. Basic Rights Oregon
  4. Bridgetown Conservatory
  5. City Club of Portland
  6. CoHo Theatre
  7. Don’t Shoot Portland
  8. Dramatists Legal Fund
  9. Dramatists Guild Playwrights 
  10. Freshwater Trust
  11. Friends of Sironka
  12. Geezer Gallery
  13. HIV Day Center
  14. Issingless
  15. Jamballa
  16. Meyer Memorial Trust
  17. NAST (National Association of School Theatres)
  18. Organic Nation
  19. Oregon Psychoanalytic Center
  20. Oregon Thespians                           
  21. Fertile Ground
  22. Friends of Noise
  23. Portland Public Schools
  24. PHAME
  25. Piano International
  26. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
  27. Playwrite, Inc.
  28. Portland Sings!
  29. Portland State University
  30. Quest Center
  31. Reading Parlor
  32. Science on Tap
  33. Stage Directors & Choreographers Society (SDC)
  34. Store to Door
  35. Stumptown Improv Festival
  36. Theatre Communication Group (TCG)
  37. Theatre Diaspora
  38. Theatre Wallay
  39. Timbers Army
  40. United by Music
  41. United Scenic Artists
  42. Vortex Music Magazine