Fresh Eyes

Artists Rep’s Fresh Eyes program brings ‘civilians’ into the rehearsal process. On selected productions each season, we invite 3-5 volunteers from diverse backgrounds to join us for four rehearsals, and then to share their observations in the Fresh Eyes blog. No special knowledge or experience is required of these volunteers – just a bit of time and curiosity. We hope the new perspectives of our guests will illuminate the inner workings of a production for our audiences and community at large, while also helping us learn about the challenges and obstacles a production may present to audiences.

In the 2017/18 season, our volunteers will share their experiences in The Humans, Magellanica and The Thanksgiving PlayFollow along as a production develops from the first reading and design presentations, through scene work, staging and technical rehearsals and first preview – and see it through Fresh Eyes!

If you are interested in being a part of Fresh Eyes, please email Luan Schooler: lschooler (at) artistsrep (dot) org.

Recent Blog Posts

Fresh Eyes on THE HUMANS, 3rd Installment

This was the last week for THE HUMANS in the rehearsal room; next week the action shifts into the theatre and onto the set.

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Fresh Eyes on THE HUMANS, 2nd Installment

This week in rehearsal saw the actor up on their feet, working through staging and beginning their deeper dives into character and relationships.

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Fresh Eyes on THE HUMANS, 1st Installment

THE HUMANS are on the way! On Tuesday, October 24th, about sixty people gathered for the first rehearsal.

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